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jeans sz in the brian stow beating case. the giants fan was attacked outside doblinger stadium. for weeks the police
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have said that they had the right man. but apparently not any more. that suspect may be exonerated and tonight police have two other suspects in custody for the crime. lisa is live at san francisco general hospital where stow had to undergo emergency surgery sdlus week. she has the latest on his condition and also these arrest. lisa. >> very true. here's what we know so far. los angeles police have arrested 2 new suspects. man and woman are in custody tonight but investigators will not say what new evidence led to those arrests. earlier today abc 7 did speak with la times reporter andrew blank steven the one who broke the case and told us what this means for the original suspect ramirez. >> these are new arrest. and sources also said that ramirez the conclusion he was not involved in the brian stow beating. the department has already gone out on the limb
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saying that ramirez was their main suspect. now you have dovement that say otherwise. and i think they don't want to say anything officially before if kind of all the evidence is nailed down. but the sources cholesterol to us have said this is who they think is responsible. these 2 suspects and that they have if reports that ramirez is not responsible. >>reporter: ramirez was arrested in may based on eyewitness account and held since then and serving 10 month sentence on a parole violation. he was never charged with the beating. brian stow mean time remains hear at san francisco general hospital. just this past tuesday he underwent an emergency surgery because of fluid in the brain and that fluid was causing massive seizures which have always been issues for doctors here at san francisco general and they have been working to stabilize the seizures. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. all right lisa thanks very
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much. about this time last night there were shouts of protest about what was thought to be a police shooting in san francisco. l now a crime scene investigators says that may not be the case at all. stunning development. vick lee with this sudden twist. >> the bullet which was removed from his head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >>reporter: medical examiner said the bullet which killed harding is a 389 mm. caliber bullet. police say they also found another 380 caliber round in his jacket pocket. investigators say they still have not found the gun. it's unclear if they had the new information when he hosted a town hall meeting in the bay view. heated meeting. >> disrespectful to come where we live and don't sit down without seeing what the problem is. >> i'm standing 5 feat away from you trying to do just that. >>reporter: confrontation was
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ugly. there was outrage. the crowd booed chef. they interrupted him repeat he hadl hadly. chef finally gave up and left. >> i think they should gave him a fair chance to speak. >>reporter: we spoke with bay view resident like may race while we road muni t line. the path cuts a swath through the bay view. many like him were embarrassed by the reception they gave to the chef but he and others also understand why there was so much pent-up ange anger. >> nothing but police down in the bay view. they just messing with people. >>reporter: last night about crimes and charges of police misconduct over shadow the shooting saturday of 19-year-old keep evident harding. parolee with a serious rap sheet. and person of interest in the murder of a woman in washington state. did he that's chandler riding with her son believes it was a justified shooting. but still wanted to know more from last night. >> so i feel in if he didn't
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get a fair chance. police didn't get a fair chance. they did what was right. >>reporter: community leaders we spoke with say they understand why people are so upset. but they also wish if he got more respect last night. >> to have some type of dialogue we have to listen. hear what the chief has to say. and then make our rebuttal to that. >>reporter: so again a new very significant development in this officer involved shooting. by the way, san francisco police l used a 40 caliber gun l as their service revolverer and i am told that you can not fire a 380 caliber round from that piece of equipment so police again are looking for the suspect's gun. at first initially they thought they had found his weapon kim of days after the shooting in the home of parolee but now they say that gun is of a different caliber than the bullet. this is 7 news. and bart release video that
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hope exonerate 2 officers who shot to death a man in civic center station. it shows what investigators say was a knife that charles hill threw at the cops before killed. would you would you understanded off a bart train. circled there. bart says the officer fired as hill raised his arm to throw the knife. but because the video doesn't show hill that is difficult to independently confirm. >> before an independent investigation is going on and they are going to say whether justified or not. >> bart considers this incident to be very serious. if when a life is lost it is always tragic l. >> investigators say they found another knife near hill's body. >> wildfire damaged at least 3 homes in walnut creek this evening. it started at around 3:30 in a home at creek dale and castle glen road. blaze quickly spread to other houses as well. 2 other houses as well as 3 acres of brush and trees. there are no reports of any injuries. everybody got out apparently. 2 homes were
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severely damaged by the flames. the third had minor damage. firefighters took more than an hour to bring the fire under control but they were there for several hours until the early morning. >> fire crew are keeping on top of a wildfire burning in morgan hill tonight. l we took these pictures. structures in the area of diana avenue and mcdonald lane were briefly threatened for far firefighters have kept the blaze to about 35 acres. l rate now helicopters and air tankers have worked the fire all day along with several hand crews on the ground. there are homes in the area but so far there have been no evacuations. >> all right moving on sports is making major headlines. move next to the an agreement to end the 4 month nfl lock ou out. owner approved it today so we could have a football season on schedule. sports director larry beall is here with the latest on this. big news. >> well it is interesting the reaction because some players were instantly tweeting work
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work work we are going back excited to play all that. and then other players said whoa not so fast. l this is not done yet. owners as dan mentioned have voted overwhelming 3031 of 32 teams vote to approve a 10 year collective bargaining agreement. one team l abstained. the raiders. who had philosophical differences and did not want to sign off on that deal. but what does it mean in the big picture. owner like the proposal. ready to go right now. but it has to be emphasized the players they haven't ratified it. in fact they didn't even vote on it. and most have not even seen the whole contract. players executive director l said still unresolved issues. meanwhile l commissioner said today at news conference they want to get training camp open by saturday. >> with the ratification of the nfl pl board we will be prepared to open the training
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facilities beginning on saturday. this saturday. we will then be prepared to start the new league year next wednesday subject to the full membership of the players ratifying the agreement, recertifying the union. >>reporter: there is at least one game that will not be played. that's the pre-season opener the hall of fame game that was scheduled for august the seventh between chicago and st. louis. that is cancelled because there is not enough time to get ready for that particular game. but tonight players have expressed frustration that the owner essentially they put the deal down then they yes we lake it it's good. we are good to go. it takes 2 sides to get this resolved. the pressure now especially the p.r. pressure l is on the players to respond. we'll see if they approve it tomorrow but there's a lot of stuff still has to happen. nobody knows what free agency will look like. what about drug testing. there are disability tluls have to be in place. those things can't be
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decided upon until you have an actual union in place. they decertified. first they have to recertificate fight it really is a long way from here to there. >>reporter: yes. but it can all be worked out. i think the season will kick off on schedule f.we lose pre-season games nobody cares any way quite frankly. >> interesting thanks very much see you later on with all the sports. >> all right. >> moving on. we are reporting in it that after a year study the pentagon is now ready to and its don't ask don't tell policy in the military. secretary of defense and joint chief of staff signed off on this major change. announcement will be made formally tomorrow but it will take another 60 days before the policy is officially repealed. >> bay area woman caught up in a nationwide internet hacking raid appeared in federal court today. she is one of 14 people facing charges in connection with a group of hackers known as none muchlts you have heard us mention that group before. story tonight from corrina. >>reporter: 42-year-old tracy
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venzuela of napa is charmed with conspiracy and intentional damage to the a protected computer. one of 14 people justice department is accusing of being part of anonymous group sympathetic to wikileak and behind a number of cyberattacks on the government and big business. most recen recently pay pal. security experts say they have a different motive cybercriminal. >> cybercriminalist really a danger. home user the consume consumer. hacker just make a point. >>reporter: many of the defendants in the case have on line nickname like reaper and toxic. they were arrested in several states across the nation. >> if you are younger and out of college and really are a true believer in the wikileak way of life then yes why not. probably more interesting than your day job. >>reporter: kurt from the center for applied ethic says the anonymous hacker justify the criminal act stating they want to expose secrets and corruption. >> it appears that they still
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are motivated by some of the same desires simply to create chaos and now they have wrapped it in a kind of morally defensible mission of revealing secret data. >>reporter: security experts say the cyberattack do take a certain level of computer knowledge and sophistication. >> things that anonymous are people associated with anonymous have done are not simple child play. they have done some significant work there and they are not unsophisticated. >>reporter: all 14 defendants have been ordered to appear in this district court on september 1st. if convicted even those facing the minimum charges such as tracy venzuela could face up to 15 years in prison. in san jose, corrina, abc 7 news gentleman well there is much more ahead to bring you tonight. as we continue another fatality in yosemite. we'll have the latest on how that happened and a look at how some visitors are ignoring the dangers and tempting fate. >> plus the hunt for record in the san bruno pipeline
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explosion and frustration of a pg&e insider who did not get a call back for months. >> also the crippling heat wave that has enveloped the midwest. getting worse and spreading. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center here in the bay area nice cooling trend has begun.i'll show you how cool it is going to get and how long it will last in the accu-weather forecast. >> thanks expense engineer also ahead tonight. how to make the perfect piece of toast. scientifically
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the savings are that simple! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> 4000 pages related to the investigation of the san bruno pipeline explosion were released today by the national transportation safety board safety board. among those documents an interview with pg&e former manager of gas line records. more on that now from abc 7 heather. >> when the san bruno pipeline
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exploded last september gas records manager larry had already been retired for 17 years. but he is third generation pg&e and could not ignore what happened. when it became clear pg&e records of seamless pipe were wrong and records inaccuracy maybe at the heart of the accident, he left messages with pg&e executive kurt johnson to tell him where the records should be. they said well we are convinced that we can not find the information and that it probably never existed. and my blood boiled when i heard that because i knew it existed. i was being paid for 10 years to manage it. he tells the ntsb that i don't know son got back to him in december. but months later a frustrated kurt contacted congresswoman spear office to to connect him with ntsb. he came forward not to harm pg&e fwou help saying i feel in very sorry for the people who were harmed and any others that might be harmed from the lack of alaska rat information being available. but i know this
9:17 pm
information did exist and i have a feeling that it may still exist. pg&e issued a statement today thanking ntsb for the work and says it will continue to work on earning back the trust and confidence of the customers. ntsb sent a tentative hearing date for the final report on the probable cause of the explosion that is august 30th. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. there has been another death at yosemite national park. bay area girl marine academy sophomore has been killed in a car accident. she was returning home with friends after a nature time hike. she died on tuesday the same day 3 people were swept over the falls to their death. >> apparently they were taking photo. playing in the water. one of the male lost his footing started to slide down. second male tried to rescue him and also lost his footing. then the third person the female did and unfortunately all 3 were swept over the fal
9:18 pm
falls. >> 300 feet to the water below. in yosemite reporter sarah with reminder of the risk enjoying our national park can involve. >>reporter: this search rescue team from marin county has joined the effort to find the 3 missing friends who were swept over the falls. the job is a challenging one because of the fast moving water filled with large boulders. >> this makes it very difficult for our crew to not only assess the river bank of the water moving so much. very slippery. in addition the mist from the water fall that is on the rocks on the river bed make it dangerous as well. >>reporter: rangers say the missing friends crossed a metal guard rail and got into the water above the 317 foot fall. that is when one lost his footing and the other 2 slipped while trying to help. all 3 are now presumed dead. >> marin county and yosemite search rest caw are currently on the trail hiking and doing shoreline base search right now
9:19 pm
along about 3 quarter mile, 3 quarters of a mile along the stretch of river where it is believed the body may be. >>reporter: you can hear just how powerful the water is at the fall bridge. rangers say right now it is too dangerous for divers to enter the river. despite that danger, this woman from denmark said she felt safe taking her son around a railing and down to the water edge. >> here it wasn't very dangerous. we didn't touch the water actually. just sitting on the stone. but of course have to be careful. >>reporter: but others say they won't take any chances. >> no we want to make sure we stay on the trail and just follow the rule. >> search crew do not find the body by the end of the weekend rangers say they will scale back the effort on fat and wait for water levels to go down until it is safe enough for divers. in yosemite, abc 7 news. on to the weather. it is extremely hot in much of the
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country and about to get hotte hotter. how hot are we talking about. well the crown of the statue of liberty in new york is closed to the public because the temperature inreached 110 degrees. so far 22 deaths are blamed on the heat. those who work outside say they are doing their best to deal with these conditions. >> can't describe it. just very hot out. humidity it kills you. all you can do is stay dehydrated. >> take your breath away very hot sweaty gross. >>reporter: heat advisory now cover 22 states impacting 45 percent of the american population. that's 141 million people. make matters worst heat is triggering power outage and utilities ask customers to cut back on young to avoid additional power failures. on that subject in new york tonight the lights are out on broadway. we heard from one bay area resident in new york city power was shut down on her subway. she and 40 other people were stuck inside the car for 15 minutes and it felt like 110 degrees she says.
9:21 pm
extreme heat in so many parts of the country but spencer is here. that is going to continue in that part of the country fortunately here it's quite moderate. >> that's right. heat has dissipated here. we are in a cooling trend right now. will last for at least a week. we are very fortunate not to have weather lake that here in the bay area. live view right now from east bay camera. emeryville. we look at across the bay lovely evening around the bay area. breezy near the coast around the basement a little bit of coastal fog. low cloud there. beginning to push locally inland. right now we look at temperature readings pretty mild in most areas inland. 81 degrees right now in antioch down right warm. inland location have temperatures in the 60's or 70's right now so you can see much cooler than it was this hour last night. 57 degrees in san francisco. 59 in oakland and these are the highlights. we see coastal fog again pushing inland overnight and sort of lingering there until the early morning hours. further cooling occurs tomorrow in all areas. see minor up and
9:22 pm
down in the temperature range over the weekend. satellite radar composite a little dip in the jet stream occurring here. low pressure system settling in there. that's rei hope inform informsing our cooling trend by providing nice sea breeze. cooler marine air pushing beyond the bay now into the inland areas. so on we good to low pressure tonight. they won't drop much lower than last night so it will be a mild overnight period with some low clouds and fog around but for low generally in the mid upper 50's. antioch probably won't drop below 60 that's our warm spot now and likely to be our mild spot overnight as well p.with the forecast animation shows pulling back in the early morning hours. north of san francisco looks like mainly clear skies near the coast but south of san francisco the fog will hold on during the daytime hours. high pressure near the coast right around or perhaps just above 60 degrees tomorrow. we see mainly 70's around the bay and mid to upper 80's in the warmest inland locations. let's close in to south bay where we see high ranging from mid 70's to low 80's. low 80's
9:23 pm
at saratoga and los gatos. most of south bay will be in the 70's. on the peninsula mainly 70's as well. 70 at san mateo o. 73 redwood city. up to 78 at los altos. pacifica half man bay top the out at 60, 61 degrees respectively. downtown san francisco will have a high of 63 tomorrow. 61 in the sun set district. up in the north bay we see a little milder conditions in san francisco but not milder than today. mainly mid 70's to mid 80's up to about calistoga then upper 80's at clover dale and low 90's in clear lake. nearest bay high of 66 at berkeley. 70 san leandro. 75 union city. inland east bay high in the mid 80's with not much of a range there. 3 degrees or so separating the coolest and warmest and near monterey bay 60's near the bay and low 80's inland. alaska weather 7 day forecast. we'll have temperatures actually below average much of the period especially in the inland areas and inland high mid 80's
9:24 pm
to upper 80's on the warmest day in this period. mid 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. really pleasant weather coming our way. >> wonderful. we should enjoy and be grateful for it. >> absolutely we should. >> thanks very much gentleman coming up. the end of the final space shuttle mission. coming up. the new role of nasa aims space center in mountain view. >> the first time a tiny particle has ever been seen as we continue. scientist take a big step forward in better we continue. scientist take a big step forward in better understanding our reality. 
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
>> nasa aims research center in mountain view is ending. shuttle atlantis landed at cape canaveral this morning bring an end to nasa 30 year shuttle journey. thousands gathered in florida and at the johnson space center in hue ton to
9:27 pm
witness the historic landing. it was a bitter sweet occasion for one astronaut who grew up here in san carlos. >> i have loved every minute that i have been part of the space program. such an honor and it runs in the blood. and everybody just wants to be a part of it and we understand it is time to transition but we cherish every minute of it. >>reporter: tomorrow 1500 shuttle workers are scheduled to get their pink slips.tak slips.take,000 more laid off in a few months. so this is a difficult tame for the program obviously. nasa is now setting its sight on deep space exploration. workers at nasa aims will help design the new craft for that purpose. scientist at firm lab in illinois have discovered an entirely new particle. it is called this. scientist predicted the existence of the particle but it has been hard to track down because it decays so quickly. in fact it had to be identified by decay pattern rather than actually being
9:28 pm
directly observed. it's made of quirk the discovery significant because it gives scientist insight into one of the fundamental building block of matter. >> well now to the results from a different sort of science experiment one to use around the house. researchers reveal the mathematical formula for the perfect slice of toast. spencer will take nets here on this in a second i know. all right. you need a ruler and a timer. here we good. the bread needs to be contacted for exactly 216 seconds. the optimum thicknesses of the bread critical is 14 mm. or just over half inch. and the ideal amount of butter point 44 gram and that is about 15 percent of/100ths of an ounce. now if you follow these tips exactly to a tea researchers say you end up with toast that is golden brown and exterior 12 times crunch year than the middle which is considered by the way the ultimate balance. so write all that down and take
9:29 pm
that with you the next time you good tout a restaurant and see if they kabing it that way if you are. >> when news at 9 continues here tonight. debt talk agreeing more urgent in washington as one rumor about the debt deal l turns out to be false. >> i am green man. >> big fan of grichbility one of the few place where you don't feel strange. >> it may also be one of the few places that makes the bay area look tame. the freak and famous people at comic con. >> little known secret about the wheel of fortune. we have that story. >> and tortoise gets hooked up after losing a leg. if stay with us. another half hour of after losing a leg. if stay with us. another half hour of news begins in just a moment
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>> good evening once again. we start this half hour in washington where there is still no agreement to raise the debt ceiling. rumors of a deal are so unfounded as republicans and democrats continue to negotiate and point finger at each other. with only 12 days until the country loses its ability to borrow time is getting short and people getting tense. john l reports. >>reporter: talk of a deal over the nation debt turned out to be just talk. there is no deal. we are not close to the a deal. >>reporter: no deal and worst white house said. no movement. >> in fact is there is no progress to report but we continue to work on getting the most significant deficit reduction package possible. >>reporter: all side agree on one thing. >> is u.s. government can not default on its obligation. >> congress must act before august the 2nd. i'm going to keep members of the congress here as long as it takes to get it done. >>reporter: but with less than two week to go before the deadline hit and nation runs
9:33 pm
out of credit they still can't great on how to get that led to frustration and finger pointing as the house prepares to take the weekend off. >> i think it is just untoward that's the kindest wordy can say to the house of representatives out this wean. what a bad picture that shows the country. >>reporter: asked about that house speaker boehner declined to comment or rather he had this to say. >> what a wonderful day. >>reporter: president wants a grand bargain to raise the nation credit limit and cut the deficit with 4 trillion dollars and tax code changes but a big agreement now seems more elusive than ever. >> debt debate isn't hurting the president chances of reelection. new abc news "washington post"poll find he went from dead he haveen with romney a month ago to 51 to 44 percent lead. this is washington. california plans to borrow about 5 billion dollars from
9:34 pm
private investors next week to protect itself in case the government does default on its debt. state treasurer says he has asked a group of banks credit union and investment fund for bids on private loans. he says he's concerned that the state could be short changed on health care and education funding. >> house speaker boehner today predicted republicans will eventually accept a compromise in raising the debt limit but there has been no deal so far as you have heard and it now appears a house plan involving spending cuts and balance budget amendment is headed for days feet in the senate. mark is here with the fact check. >>reporter: republican response to any suggestion of a tax hike is a phrase you have heard before. >> washington has a spending problem not a revenue problem. >>reporter: fact check numbers show that's only half right. at 24 percent of the gross national product federal spending is about as high as it has been in 60 years. but lack at the revenue side. federal tax revenue are at the lowest
9:35 pm
point they have been since 195 1950. democrats blame those bush tax cuts for the rich. >> tax cut i'm proposing we get rid of our tax break for millionaire and billionaire. >>reporter: fact check. wealthiest 10% are paying greater percentage of the tax bill. biggest easterner in the country paid 55 percent of all federal taxes in 2007 and that is 5 percent more than before the bush tax cut went into effect. the that percentage went up in spite of the tax break because the rich got a lot richer. pre-tax income for the top 10% went from 37 percent 2001 up to 42 percent in 2007. >> the fact that both spending is at a high and revenue generation is at a low is an important fact for people to grams. >>reporter: if the facts should lay the ground work for a compromise in congress but today speaker boehner said he will not support eliminating
9:36 pm
thoughts bush tax cuts for the rich. >> i believe that would be raising taxes. >>reporter: and minority leader pelosi said if congress must make cuts it will not make cuts that eliminate jobs. >> whatever we do has to create jobs. >> so basically both sides believe they have a winning argument. >>reporter: that is getting in the way of a compromise. because both sides are thinking their argument will be the more persuasive with voters in next year election. >> goal of getting total control of the government so that you have more power over policy is a very powerful incentive and that seems to be behind thinking in both sides of the aisle. >>reporter: one positive sign that an agreement might be reached both sides said today that failing to raise the debt limit can not be an option our thanks to fact and budget office for providing the numbers. you can feigned analysis of fact look at these numbers by clicking on the politic page at abc 7 new in the newsroom, abc
9:37 pm
7 news. bay area high tech police dodged financial bullet. according to the silicon valley business journal. that is the team that made head lanes when it seized computer from an employee after he got his hands on i-phone prototype. rapid enforcement xawter team got 2.2 million dollars in funding as other departments are being cut back. >> looking for retail space? silicon valley real estate agent are on the hunt for new tenants. move into former border back store came on hard times. just in time for the 40th birthday. to go is getting a make over. the sandwich chain is updating the shop with a new look. more on those headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. welcome ick con is certainly the place to be for fans of comic book science fiction movies now it lock ins on hollywood. san diego convention gives attendee a look that the future which is
9:38 pm
where they like to be any way. more now from joe. >>reporter: this attracts droydz from galaxy far far away and crazy looking hammer girl from a little closer to home. if they always pose for pictures as will the green and blue ugly. >> this is the place to be if you are a comic con. >>reporter: they brought their son here just for the convention. they are 4 of the 1 25,000 people attend thanksgiving year convention. they planned it for two years. >> this is beyond. >> absolutely. >> action figure. >> the toys for our kids. >> the games. >>reporter: it seemed like some people waited years to give where the stars of twilight would be talkingp the new movie. >> how long did you wait in line. >> overnight. overnight. early yesterday. >> who do you want to see. >> robert kristen all of them we love them. [applause]. >>reporter: that is what they got as kristen stewart, robert pattinson and taylor walked
9:39 pm
into a 1,000 camera flashes and questions from the twilight saga. >> do you like having a baby with bella? fichlt for some reason the look on your face it's like you are really asking something else. >>reporter: flanked by male co-star she nrushingd at question about on screen romance with pattinson. >> i'm embarrassed. >>reporter: stewart and the rest of the cast were just first star to visit here unbelievably just a small part of the comic con universe. it's home to artist and cat women and family from maryland. >> i'm amazed. overwhelmed actually. >>reporter: there will be plenty more stars coming in weekend including one in the biggest science fiction world steven spielberg. this is abc 7 news. >> steven spielberg no less. well, from the massage to acupunctures you. as we continual alternative treatment now available for bay area women returning home from war.
9:40 pm
now available for bay area women returning home from war. stay with us i'll be back [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪
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there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> bay area medical center is making a unique program available to veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. it ace program specifically designed for female vets. here's health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> so i will ask you to close
9:43 pm
your eyes. let that peaceful quality about travel through all parts of you. >> army veteran is learning to manage emotion that have haunted her for months. diagnosed with ptsd after her return from iraq she says the adjustment back to normal life has been slow. >> sometimes i'll be somewhere let's say say for instance in a mall or something and then i'll see myself back in iraq. >> then imagine wrapping all of that experience in something like a bubble or a balloon. >>reporter: the session isn't taking place at the va as you might expect. it's part of a program being organized by the institute for health and healing at california pacific francisco. counselor davenport says the institute integrates variety of alternative therap therapies from this session known as guided imagery to massage and acupuncture your treatment. >> then we have a whole array
9:44 pm
of classes including yoga, tai chi, chicago gong various kind of movement. >> help me learn to pay attention to my breathing. and then pay attention to what is going on when things do arrive like if my heart starts pumpin pumping. >>reporter: the ps institute partner with the va and veteran group to extend the services to more returning female soldiers. star which is this program. >> biggest thing when they are returning back to life, back to some of the scenario that we left when we john walker lindh the military is just time and the options to find what works better for us. >>reporter: institute has started a fund to help cover the cost of treatment and hopes to grow the program in the coming months. in the men time tangerine has begun another alternative therapy offered by the institute. painting. >> painting helps likeertain
9:45 pm
motion earning confusion fear that gave me hope and then with hope i gained strength and the word get larger as i feel in more positive about the world. >> carolyn reporting. the program its getting up and running for female veteran. go to our web silent and look under see it on tv for more information. as we continue tonight. thousands of people would never have spun the wheel of fortune were it not for one man. coming up next. the game were it not for one man. coming up next. the game changer. stay with us 
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>> this is a 12-year-old tortoise with a new leg as you can see it has been replaced with a common office item. a swivel wheel. they attached it to the shell after they amputated his front leg because of a life threatening injury. but he's adjusting well and executing around like a champ. pretty ingenius actually. >> let's go back and update the forecast. almost to the weekend. spencer is back with the weather. >> okay. lovely weekend it is going to be. here's satellite radar composite image showing that we will still very clear skies but this little low up there on north producing this little dip in the jet stream is reinforcing the cooling trend which is starting around the bay and near the coast right
9:49 pm
now and reached the inland area so cooling continues tomorrow and next several days we have weather that will not be quite so warm as what we have seen last couple days. fog pulls back from the coast much of the coast line tomorrow. linger along the coast line south of san francisco. high pressure near the coast tomorrow will be right around 60 degrees. mainly 70's around the bay. mid upper 80's in the mildest inland areas. let's take a look at the immediate bay area for tomorrow. high pressure up to 91. clear lake. 89 0clover dale. 82 at santa rosa. that's the warmest weather we'll see in the north bay. east bay inland east bay mid 80's antioch fairfield concord. 60's near the bay and low 80's inland. accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures remain below average next 7 days but nasty mild comfortable inland high mid 80's. 70's around the bay. low 60's on the coast and doesn't change much www. for the next 7 days. >> we don't need it to. >> we don't at all. >> thanks. >> you could spend all day
9:50 pm
trying to figure out which game show is the best of all. we all have our favorite. but whatever is your answer there is one man who made them all possible. here's david muir. >>reporter: so much to dazzle the country on game show. miss white on wheel of fortune she walked up the few steps the other star attraction right there in the foreground. giant wheel. that was the work of ed flesh. set designer. sort of wizard behind the changing face of game show and gone the fierce set of 50's and 60's. here to stay were the neon. light bulb. jaint puzzle boar board. >> has to be a good honest spin. >>reporter: they had to teach the contestant how to spin the wheel. what we didn't know the wheel was first and ed came up with that giant flat one and made it the star. but on the first night electronic problem
9:51 pm
problems. put someone underneath the wheel to spin witness his feet. the set one of ed's favorite. also designed the giant letters on jeopardy with alex. new look of newlywed. wife,000 dollar pyramid? that was ed too. circle with the hand strapped in and the cube that was his. about hook soond were we on a look that would define a generation of tv. >> whether knew right. changed everything. larry back with all the sports tonight. >> it just came to me. these sportscast would be so much better with neon. of everywhere dan. you too. >> flashing. >> that's what we are miss snooing we'll work on that. best people. >> we'll tell the boss. owners
9:52 pm
want to begin training camp on saturday. will the players show up for that? the latest on the nfl lock out and what happens tomorrow. the latest on the nfl lock out and what happens tomorrow. sports next
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. temperature strition at san francisco hotel tonight ends in dozens of arrest. find out what this they were protesting. >> apple computer amazing success. already passed up mick soft so who is next. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. but
9:55 pm
larry is here with what could be a very important day in the nfl lock out. >> we are getting there slowly but surely. 1 big step toward ending the lock out. came today. with owners approving a proposed contract that would bring labor peace for 10 years but the players didn't vote on the proposal this evening. so this is not a done deal yet. every team but the raiders voted to ratify the new collective bargaining agreemen agreement. al davis choose to go abstain from the vote for philosophical reasons which were not explained. now potential toen the lock out li lies strictly in the player hands. they have to recertify the union and approve the global agreement. some player rep feel they are being railroaded writ now with the owner pressure them to quickly fall in line. the owners say they are committed to kicking off the regular season on time. >> i think that we all have an obligation though to get a decision done because we are down where the time frame really start impacting such as
9:56 pm
not getting ready and not being able to play pre-season games. that's okay. >> i think we have craft add long-term agreement that can be good for the game of football. >> next step belong to the players tomorrow. giants and a's had the day off. gives chauncey to enjoy few behind the scene clip from the franchise new show produced by show time strictly on the giants. here's some of the best for manger bruce at the all star game. this game ain't that easy to play. oh, my goodness. heart attack 72 rbi and all star break. we didn't even score that many runs until june. >> national league jumped on top 3-one. >> differ tell you i like 3 run homeers. >> don't we all. >> you get em, i don't. make sure my right guys are heading out there. all right. up ton. the uruguay castro. if he
9:57 pm
gets on trying to get bruce at bat. joe for fielder. he's in the 3 hole? captain keep up with it. >> you don't realize how complicated filling out the line up card can be when you are mixing and matching all star game but the franchise great stuff airs on show time every wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. now until the rest of the season. top drag racers in the world return to the race way in a week and a half. it's the national and leading wait in the top fuel category last year winner dixon at sonoma. unique because he was the full throttle winner last year and racing team is owned by a sheikh from the middle east. >> you have fortune 500 company and promoting them where i'm not pro promote ago company i'm promote ago country and i finally got my first chance to
9:58 pm
go over in the winter time and neat the see how much, how big drag racing is over there. >> little slower. tour de france finishing up the fable pachlts highest altitude finish in the race history. andy made the move today on second of 3 climb. rider wins the stage second place over all just 15 seconds behind thomas of frachbilitys he has been leading most of the way. he held on for his tenth yell jersey of the race. that could change. steve williams had a feeling tiger woods was going to change caddie. kind of a vibe things were not going in the right direction. williams had been caddie for scott while woods was recovering from the injuring. said the timing of the decision caught him off guard. wood won 13 of the 14 majors with william at his side and tiger old caddie provided woods with much more than just professional support. >> the last eight months have been very difficult and i have stuck by him thick and thin.
9:59 pm
incredibly loyal and then you know and then to have this happen. basically you could say i have wasted two years of my life. >> not happy. bill murray on hand to check out the first round of the senior british open across the pond. 3some top the leader board including irish man mark. tee shot within 5 birdie 4 under par 68. american mark right there with him. on 13. long birdie putt. 68 for this and tie for first place at 4 under par. >> steve williams not happy at all. he has been so silent throughout all of the controversy. >> he doesn't have to be silent any more. we'll see how that plays itself out but tremendously loyal through the years. >> thanks very much. that's this he kition of 7 news at 9 for all of us here, nice to be with you as always. appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour on the big 7. your time. hope to see you again in an hour on the big 7. see you then

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